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Kawashima Textile Co.,Ltd.

Over 100 years, Kawashima Weaving Co.,Ltd. Shokufu has been manufacturing wholesale sales of yukata and plain stich fabric, mainly from the local industry of Takashima-shi, Shiga prefecture, "Takashima Chijimi" crepe, sallow, and cotton crepe.

  • 1900 Shinasahichoasahi, Takashima, Shiga, 520-1501 Japan
  • [ TEL 0740-25-2238 ]
  • [ FAX 0740-25-2239 ]

Kimura Textile Co.,Ltd.

Founded in 1955,Kimura Textile Co.,Ltd. is a Takashima company which work is still relevant today. Manufacturing Takashima Chijimi - for garments and bedding - is at the heart of the company.

  • 538 Shinasahichoaiba, Takashima, Shiga 520-1531 Japan
  • [ TEL 0740-25-3126 ]
  • [ FAX 0740-25-5141 ]

Sakao Textile Co.,Ltd.

Sakao Textile Co.,Ltd. is a company which use their own loom to weave fabrics from yarn. In this respect,Sakao Textile Co.,Ltd. achieve consistent manufacturing without the need for division of labour. From this, it is possible to produce custom made fabric in line with customerユs needs that meets a variety of demands.

  • 871 Shinasahichoasahi, Takashima, Shiga, 520-1501 Japan
  • [ TEL 0740-25-2164 ]
  • [ FAX FAX 0740-25-2183 ]


Sugioka Textile is manufactured in-house using cotton yarn, the raw material of Takashima Chijimi. Through the manufacturing process, it is possible to produce crepe, sallow, yukata and dobby fabrics.

  • 1700 Shinasahichoota, Takashima, Shiga 520-1512 Japan
  • [ TEL 0740-25-2581 ]
  • [ FAX 0740-25-5018 ]

Takahashi Textile Co.,ltd.

Takahashi Textile Co.,ltd. manufacture mainly strong twisted yarn fabrics for warmer climates. In order to meet a range of demands and needs whilst continuing to produce traditional fabrics, Takahashi Textile Co.,ltd. are constantly working to develop new products and improve upon quality.

  • 1893 Shinasahichowarasono,Takashima, Shiga 520-1511 Japan
  • [ TEL 0740-25-3525 ]
  • [ FAX 0740-25-4695 ]

Honjo Textile Co.,Ltd.

Honjo Shokufu Co.,Ltd. continues to reflect the industryユs desire to produce. The company stems from the traditional belief that it is possible to meet consumer demand by weaving yarn in-house and managing manufacturing. Through this approach, they are working towards the aims of going to the global market.

  • 1227 Shinasahichowarasono,Takashima, Shiga 520-1511 Japan
  • [ TEL 0740-25-4698 ]
  • [ FAX 0740-25-5248 ]

Masuda Co.,Ltd.

Since being founded in 1959, Masuda Co., Ltd. have continued the use of Takashima Chijimi from its origins in the Edo period.
In their own manufacturing, Masuda have spun from raw silk, carried out dyeing, and continued to meet consumer demand. As a company that prioritise the needs of the consumer in order to remain relevant, Masuda have worked to make smaller order quantities available to continue to meet changes in demand.

  • 1204 Shinasahichoshinjo,Takashima, Shiga 520-1522 Japan
  • [ TEL 0740-25-2413 ]
  • [ FAX 0740-25-4738 ]

Takashima Orimono Industrial Association

「Takashima fabric association」is the union of the companies which is making Takashima fabrics in Takashima area. It is supporting the industry and the companies to make their environment better. 「Takashima fabric association sizing work」 is available to take the offer of the sizing process on warp.

  • 714-5 Shinasahichoasahi,Takashima, Shiga 520-1501 Japan
  • [ TEL 0740-25-3551 ]
  • [ FAX 0740-25-5345 ]

Takashima Crepe Finishing Corp., Ltd.

Takashima Crepe was first produced in the Edo period and it’s been popular ever since.
The same tradition continues today.
Takashima Crepe is a unique embossed fabric. Because of its excellent hygroscopicity, it is pleasant to wear in Japan where the climate is hot and humid. It is used for various garments including underwear, casual clothes, nighties, and kimonos.

  • Address: 1411 Shin Asahi-cho Asahi, Takashima City, Shiga Prefecture 520-1501 Japan
  • [ TEL0740-25-3515 ]